Giraffe (Seren Books, 2017)

My pamphlet Giraffe won the Mslexia Pamphlet Prize in 2017 and is out now with Seren Books: order it here.

Giraffe rgb for web

“I can’t recommend (Giraffe) highly enough.  I read it straight through in one sitting and then started again.”Kim Moore

“The designation ‘a young poet to watch’ is over-used but on this occasion it needs to be said loudly. Giraffe contains a number of fresh, intriguing and fully-achieved poems.”Martyn Crucefix

Giraffe, by Bryony Littlefair, which has already won Mslexia’s pamphlet competition (the prize: publication by Seren), is a collection marked with a blend of energy and doubt, as in “Hallway” where “I stood quiet and uncertain, / shivering like a just-plucked violin string”. Littlefair is adept at pulling the rug from under us, darting unexpectedly away from one feeling into another: “And we drank in near silence. / And you died the next week”, or letting ecstasy into unlikely places – “Like an empty suitcase, my heart flies open”. – Declan Ryan, Times Literary Supplement