I am an experienced workshop facilitator and have led poetry groups in care homes, community centres, libraries, hospitals and prisons, with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, including people living with dementia and mental health issues.

Poetry for me has always been a source of emotional solace and political inspiration rather than just an intellectual exercise. It changed my life and the way I look at the world. Because of this, I believe that the reading, writing and discussion of poems should be made accessible to everyone, regardless of educational background or circumstances. My workshops are always designed with this in mind. 

cw4With my groups I aim to boost attendee’s confidence, providing them with a positive outlet for expression and an opportunity to form deeper social bonds with each other.

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To book a workshop or to contact me about setting up or running a group, email me on My rates are variable depending on the type of organisation and time commitment.

Testimonials from participants

“Through our reading of poetry, and it’s deeper meaning I have become a big fan which was not so previously… Best of all is being part of a group for the support and enjoyment it brings. There is a sense of trust as we listen and share and, each of us has a voice.  We are working, creating and learning together.  Having this opportunity to share my work is empowering, helps me believe in it more and encourages me to keep going.”

“I find it inspiring. It keeps my creativity going. People are friendly and we have a fantastic leader.”

“Wonderful… So relaxed, intimate yet so compassionate.”

“I learn a lot and can express my thoughts and feelings. In class it’s so inspiring. It’s a lovely atmosphere and anyone can come to develop their skills in poetry and writing. It’s very open.”

“I love our little group and I am inspired by the stimulating people that attend not to mention our tutor Bryony who when my brain is completely blank plants the seeds of creativity in her quiet relaxed way. She takes the time to prepare for the group and has introduced me to writers and poets I had never heard of. She brings a youthful enthusiasm and a different perspective and is never condescending  to our group of younger ‘senior citizens.'”

“Bryony Littlefair has been leading a writing group of Irish women aged 60+ at West Hampstead Women’s Centre. throughout 2019. For each session, she has prepared thoughtful readings and a variety of topics to gently stimulate attempts at expression and her approach has produced confident and ambitious work from all group members. Bryony is well organised, supportive and knows her field very well.” – Marian Larragy, Irish Women’s Worker

Please click here to read a reference from a recent project, where I was Poet-in-Residence at the Allama Iqbal Centre in Peterborough as part of the Syntax Poetry Festival.